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About Us


Stop Solopreneuring! The Success Incubator is a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. We feature expert training in mindset, business & marketing, and live mentoring. So you can hit your business goals confidently and predictably without all of the guesswork, overwhelm, and loneliness of going it alone.

In our signature course Make Your Mark- you will be guided through the step-by-step process of identifying & achieving the 1-year goal that puts your business on the map. 

In the Make Your Mark course you will get: 

  • Easy training presented in bite-size chunks with actionable homework to get laser-focused on sales & growth. 
  • Step-by-step worksheets so you can use informed strategy to work smarter not harder. 
  • Live mentoring calls for clarity, brainstorming & training.

Why You Should Join Us

You're brave. You're strong. And most importantly, you’re ready to Make Your Mark & take your business to the next level. In the Success Incubator Community, we help solopreneurs like you make their dreams of success a reality with custom-tailored training & live mentoring in mindset, business, and marketing- from experts. Inside our community, you get access to the Make Your Mark program, where you WILL achieve the game-changing goal that puts your business on the map! You deserve to be successful and live life on your terms! No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we provide the support you need to grow confidently & predictably. 

Starve the distractions & feed the focus! In The Success Incubator you will get: 

  • Make Your Mark Course- Your step-by-step guide to setting and achieving the game-changing goal that puts your business on the map.
  • Expert mindset training
  • Expert training in marketing & business
  • Accountability & win sharing
  • Community, support & guidance
  • Expert mentoring
  • A vibrant community of smart, motivated entrepreneurs to grow friendships, network, and share insights with.
  • Live Q & A and mentoring sessions.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all of the dreamers and doers; you not only live life on your terms but also make the world a better place with your products and services! Your membership in The Success Incubator helps us to reach even more people just like you. People who believe in themselves and their dream but need help and support (we all do!) to make that a reality.

What Community Members Are Saying About The Success Incubator

"Super exciting and super motivating too! I love the paper trail concept - genius. I have just this afternoon got clarity on my initial goal too so also excited about that! Phew! I love what you do Kristen for all of us - thank you so so much - I'm so grateful"

"I am so grateful for that 6 am call with you guys!!! So many ideas on paper! So many to start implementing! So incredibly grateful!!!"

"Super motivating! Your energy just pours through here. "

"This is wonderful!! Thank you for this opportunity AND the valuable information!"

"Kristen Becker, owner of Brillane is someone you want to have in your life! As an entrepreneur and navigating my way through all of the decisions and possibilities she really has helped me to get laser-focused. Kristen has a way of really listening and creating a safe space to let the loud inner chatter quiet down and allow ideas and focus to come through. The space created in her membership provides so much information but is also organized well to focus on your goals: 1 year, 3 year and 5 year to make them feel really attainable. If you are ready for a real guide who will be there for you, truly has your back, and wants the best for you knowing that only you can really do the work.. Brillane is the place you need to be."

"It's a heart-centered way of "beginning with the end in mind"! I like your style, Kristen!!"

"I must admit, I was so excited about all these developments that I awakened at 3 AM this morning and felt great. Thanks, Kristen, and to your friends for all the positive uplifting things today!Thanks for everything!"

The Early Adopter Pricing Schedule

Note* all plans are monthly and you are free to self-cancel anytime with no questions asked. 

Tier 1: $14.99 per month. Lock in lifetime savings, your price will never increase.  SOLD OUT

Tier 2: $19.99 per month. Lock in lifetime savings, your price will never increase. Available when Tier 1 sells out. Now Available!

Tier 3: $27.99 per month. Lock in lifetime savings, your price will never increase. Available when Tier 2 sells out. 

Full Price: $37.99 per month Available when Tier 3 sells out. 

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